More than fifty years of experience in the
production of premium packaging and displays
Girola box factory has a production model on a human scale developed by perfecting traditional processing techniques through investments in 4.0 technologies, which today give life to a system articulated in a semi-automatic assembly line, a manual assembly line, CNC and traditional cutting machines, with which to carry out any processing on rigid or corrugated cardboard.

To these are added all the possible mechanical or digital enhancements, ranging from hot stamping with metal foil to dry embossing, four-colour or Pantone printing, thickened UV printing, screen printing, laminating, engravings, button applications, magnets and trimmings.
This model allows to operate with great flexibility on any packaging project that requires innovative solutions and high product quality on small or medium runs, not only in the consolidated sectors of food, beverage, fashion, accessories, beauty, perfumery, technology and publishing… but also in any production of rigid boxes, cases, displays and samples, even in micro, limited, numbered series or pre-series.

Girola box factory is on the market as a strategic partner for manufacturing companies of any size and sector, including startups and innovative forms of business, which need high quality micro-productions in small-medium runs, supporting them with very high production flexibility, engineering skills, problem solving, reactivity and… why not, passion and empathy.
Scatolificio Girola

Technical and brand consultancy

Paper converting design

Product development and prototyping

Manual or semi-automated production

Printing and finishing

The Girola box factory’s model of advanced craftsmanship, refined in over fifty years of experience, has been recognised by the Marche region and has been included in the special register of Typical and Traditional Artistic Crafts since 2022.
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